A musical concert performed by Fr. Felix Ma. Dueñas, FI and St. Cecilia Chamber Orchestra of Universidad de Sta. Isabel Conservatory of Music was held last December 27, 2015 at the Mary Coredemptrix Church at 7 o’clock in the evening. Featured was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Piano Concerto in A Major Op. 23, K488. This concert was jointly sponsored by Radio Caritas Mariae, the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, Naga City and Universidad de Sta. Isabel Conservatory of Music.
The program opened with a Doxology rendered by the Arriola Family. Dr. Esperanza P. Libunao, OP gave the Opening Remarks. In her speech, Dr. Libunao highlighted the spirituality and religious beliefs of Mozart. The concert was held aside from giving a fresh respite from the busy activities of the past Christmas, it was also for the purpose of helping raise funds for the transmitter of Radio Caritas Mariae, 98.3 FM, the Mother’s Touch. She said: “It is better to give than to receive. Giving always fills the heart and soul with joy and happiness that beams more brightly and felt more deeply by the giver, in a level much more profound perhaps than what is felt by the receiver. The source of light is always brighter than the light that shines forth.”


“The evening concert provided the peace of mind and soul that we needed to sooth our spirits.”

Fr. Felix Ma. Duenas, FI is the current Father Guardian of the Franciscan Friars of theImmaculate, Naga City. He is also a member of the council of the FFI Council, Philippine Delegation, as Counselor. A Chemist in his secular life, he heeded the call of Christ to be among his Shepherds in the vineyard of humanity, to become a Franciscan Priest. He is a Canon Lawyer. A simple and humble person, endowed too with soul and mind so simple, yet with so sublime aspirations for his wards, his community whom he calls his children, he is also gifted by the God a talent for music, as the language of his soul.
The members of the St. Cecilia Chamber of Commerce are: Piano II- James Reburiano; Violin 1- Timothy Marlowe Hidalgo, Jonathan Dizon, and Renz Oliver Publico; Violin II- Cirilo Aquino, Hermiene Gaile Seperoto; and Ernesto Paaño; Viola- Eliezar Francis Fernandez; Celo- Alerly Paaño and Niño Machica; Contrabase- Alexie Dato; Clarinet in B-flat- Paul Mark Gayanito and Manuel Zarzosa.

concert5Special numbers were rendered by the following in Part 1 of the program: Fra. Ezekiel Gamboa , a violin piece, and Timothy Marlowe Hidalgro, a violin piece by Nicanor Abelardo. Dylan Pfesley F. Calmal also played three beautiful violin pieces to the delight of the audience.

Part 2 was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozat Piano Concerto in A Major, Opus 23, K488: 1st movement- Allegro, 2nd movement- Adagio, and 3rd movement- Presto!
“Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius….Love, love, love that is the soul of genius.” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Rev. Msgr. Zosimo Ma. Sañado, HP, Parish Priest of St. Jude Thadeus Shrine of Concepcion Grande, gave the closing remarks. He said that the evening concert provided the peace of mind and soul that we needed to sooth our spirits from the hectic schedules during the past Christmas celebration.


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