Twenty Years of Broadcast Service: A message and appeal


Evangelization has been the primary end since its foundation of Radio Caritas Mariae, DWRV 98.3 “The Mother’s Touch.” Through the past twenty years since its inauguration, there is a steady growth of its development and expansion: from the humble beginning in Naga City to its final home in San Felipe with our religious community; from a limited number of program to a full blown independent Catholic broadcasting in the Archdiocese of Carceres; from a handful of volunteers to an exciting community of similar minded Catholics who pooled together their talents and resources to achieve one goal.

But there is still a big room for improvement, one of which is an attempt to reach six provinces of the Bicol Region by our broadcast and by improving our equipments and facilities. Hence, the initiative of organizing the dinner concert with the theme: “Go to Jesus Through Mary: Helping Evangelize Bicol Region Through Radio Caritas,” which while entertaining, intends to generate the necessary means to operate a wider coverage of our radio in the whole Bicol Region. But like every initiative, it all boils down to one fundamental obligation every member of the Church is summoned to participate—to evangelize.

The divine commission of Christ to his disciples to go to the whole world and proclaim the Gospel enters into the essential logic not just of Christ’s redemptive mission but on the most fundamental truth of the human person. It, therefore, takes the form not just of a moral obligation but of an absolute demand of justice the Church owe to mankind. If the meaning of man is fully revealed to himself by the mystery of Incarnation, the proclamation of that same mystery to all peoples becomes more urgent since the absence of that adequate anthropological meaning will lead to the very dehumanization of man. This is the reason why Christ founded the Church: to be an instrument of salvation and communion with God in whom all creation finds their ultimate reason for existence. Thus, the validity of Christ’s missionary mandate remains not only permanent but it enters into inner structure of the economy of redemption and salvation. It is an important ingredient without which all human activities will fail to achieve—happiness, albeit, eternal happiness. This is the reason why St. Paul felt himself condemned, if possibility permits, if ever he would refuse to proclaim the Gospel: “For if I preach the Gospel, I have nothing to boast of, for I am under compulsion; for woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel” (1 Cor. 9:16).

May Mary, the Mother of the New Evangelization bless this initiative that is organized by so many individuals who have been agents of evangelization. I join my humble blessings with Mary for trying to achieve one of the most important activities we can ever do for humanity—to let them know Christ and follow the Gospel like the Blessed Virgin. Ave Maria!


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